Thursday, December 16, 2010

IWL 2010 - final results

Luca Pellattiero (photo) has won the Impetus World League 2010.
A very good year for Luca that also won the EuroCup in Madrid.

Luca has received at home a 400pts Republican Roman offered by Warmodelling and painted at high standard by
Fernando Enterprises.
Many thanks to our IWL 2010 sponsors.

The IWL has also decided the best palyers for each country (with the exception of Italy where a specific championship is run, this year won by Marco Guarnieri).

Spanish Champions (ex aequo): Toni Turlog and Salvador Martinez

Bristish Champion: Nev Udall

American Champion: Perky Falconer

National winners got a free subcription to Dadi&Piombo magazine.

See all results at THIS LINK

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