Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to make a Basic Impetus army in 10 days

by Michael, from Austria

After some private turbulence which caused me to neglect the hobby for several weeks I decided to make a comeback and do a little project. As I recently got into Impetus and quite liked it, it was obvious to do something for it. Just what should it be? I tinkered around with my crusaders, painted a few Spartans and even did some 40K figures… but no real „drive“ would develop. Then suddenly the postman delivered 2 packs of Perry figures which I had ordered because my friend Christopher got me into a Wars of the Roses Impetus experiment


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Galatians calling!

by Monty, from the Twin Cities (USA)
The Galatians were a Celtic people who settled south of the Pontic kingdom on an upland plateau. They forced their way into the region, fighting a series of campaigns against the armies of the local states who all stubbornly refused to be driven from their lands. As a result, the Galatians were forced to settle on a poor stretch of land where none of their neighbors considered it worthwhile to force them off. The difficulty of their situation meant the Galatians were eager to work as mercenaries


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Become a contributor of Impetus News

We would like to give to Impetus News a more "journalistic" approach.
You, the Impetus gamers, may help as "journalists".
If you have a blog and you are posting something related to Impetus, why not prepare a small introductionary story, with a couple of pics, for Impetus News? Then there could be a link "read more" to your blog.

In this way we could keep Impetus News more updated and rich of stories and pics. At the same time this is a good way to advertise your blog and collect contacts.

Don't you have a blog? No problem, Impetus news can host your story/post.
If you prefer you can use the Impetus forum for the develop of the "story" etc.

In this way Impetus News can collect stories, scenarios, battle reports, galleries etc becoming a more useful source.

Contributes could be sent to dadiepiombo AT libero DOT it

Friday, May 4, 2012

Impetus competitions at Triples

There will be 2 Impetus competitions at Triples 2012 (Sheffield - UK).

Saturday 19th May 28mm Tournament
more info at

Sunday 20th May 15mm Tournament
more info at