Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inspiring Units

Do you like the idea of diorama bases?
Need some inspiration?
Well then enjoy some eye candies of Impetus bases from these 5 artists.

Huscarls (Crusader Miniatures). More at this link

Ashigaru (Perry Miniatures). More at
this link

Late Roman Infantry (Gripping Beast).
More at this link

Huns (Gripping Beast).
More at this link

Hospitaliers (Perry Miniatures).
More at this link

Monday, July 19, 2010

Results from Milan Tournament

The tournament took place sunday 18 July in Milan. 400 pts, 15mm, open (2 armies allowed). The competition was won by the "newbie" Massimo Torriani (author of Operation Overlord game).

1 Massimo Torriani -Italian Minor States 225 (20)
2 Yuri Vantin -Sassanids/Swiss 201 (15)
3 L. Molina/L. Bordone -Sassanids/Swiss 192 (10)
4 Livio Bosotti -Celtiberians/Swiss 166 (7)
5 Marco Guarnieri -Late Imp. Roman/French 1429 165 (6)
6 Luca Zammarchi -Nikephorian Bizantines 135 (6)
7 Lorenzo Sartori -E. Micenean/Later Castillians 130 (6)
8 Luca Pellattiero -Sargonid Assyrian/Timurid 123 (5)
9 Massimiliano Conti -Carthaginians/Vlad III 122 (4)
10 Dodo Moscatelli -Free Companies 99 (4)
11 Giangi Tavazzi -New Kingdom Egyptian 94 (3)
12 Giuseppe Bellissimo -New Kingdom Egyptian 64 (3)
13 Roberto Berto -Alexander Imp./Ren. Venetians 76 (2)
14 Andrea Caccaveri -Later Crusader 44 (1)

Massimiliano Conti (Carthaginians) VS Giangi Tavazzi (New Kingdom Egyptians)

Decisive battle between Marco Guarnieri (100YW French) and Massimo Torriani (Italian Minor States)

Yuri Vantin (Sassanid) VS Livio Bosotti (Celtiberians)

Tired warriors after lunch (bbq+beer!!)

Luca Pellattiero (left) gives the trophy to Massimo Torriani

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six new Beta Lists online

6 new beta lists released.

These are:
Early Lombards
Lombards in Italy
Later Visigoths
Early Navarrese
Early Granadine

Available at this LINK

Friday, July 16, 2010

Extra Impetus 3 now available

Extra Impetus 3 is now available.

It covers 46 late medieval armies, 2 campaign games,
historical backgrounds, game tutorials, official amendments and pictures

To see full contents and to order CLICK HERE