Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Impetus at FALL IN

Fall In 2010 (Lancaster, PA), one of the most important US conventions, will host 2 Impetus events.

Friday Oct 29th
300pts 15mm Tournament

Open to all armies, 3 games
Up to 8 players
More info at this LINK

Saturday Oct 30th
28mm participation game

S-323 - Clash of Holy Empires
Sat. 7:00 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players
GM: Mark Rutledge
After the great schism between the Eastern and Western Churches in 1054, Emperor Constantine IX lands the principal Byzantine army in Italy in 1055. The Papacy will be forcefully brought into alignment with the East. However, Henery IV, Holy Roman Emperor and protector of the Western Church has other intentions for his spiritual leader. Witness the clash of two great armies in this hypothetical battle set in southern Italy.
More info at this LINK

More info on registration also on Fall In website at

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Derby results

On October 2 Derby "Worlds" hosted the UK Grand Tournament of Impetus.
It was a 28mm tournament, 3 games, open to all armies.

Here the results

1 Luca Pellattiero, Ostrogoths 302pts
2 Lorenzo Sartori, Yorkists 282
3 John Paul Stubbings, Spartans 274
4 Matthew Todd, Republican Romans 261
5 Ken Natt, Ancient British 247
6 Bevan Marchand, Yorkists 240
7 Stephen Davison, Early Imperial Romans 223
8 Craig Galbraith, Han Chinese 207
9 Guy Farrish, Italian Wars 177
10 Paul Davison, Early Imperial Romans 166
11 Jeremy Todd, Carthaginians 158
12 Andy Shepherd, Gauls 126
13 Clive Ward, Yorkist Pretenders 124
14 Kelly Dodds, Early Germans 122
15 Simon Purchon, early Imperial Romans 86
16 Phillip Shield, Carthaginians 78

More info on the Impetus World League at this link