Tuesday, September 28, 2010

testing a new forum

We have received no answer from Forumsland yet, so we are working on a plan B.
Here the link of a new forum (still under test)


  1. Will the previous posts be recovered or is the history of the forum gone with the loss of the old forum?

  2. Mmmm... the forum looks good, but I can´t write in the reply box!?

  3. I have no idea of what happened to the old forum. I have written twice to Forumsland without any answer. Not a great service from this point of view. I think it is odd to remove a forum without any comunication to the owner/admin.
    I hope they are just on holidays and will restore as it was.

    Hetairoi, what happens when you try to write?

  4. It must be a problem with firefox, it doesn´t happend with explorer. With firefox I can´t select the reply box to write, and some menu options don´t load well.