Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Impetus Magazine

Impetus Magazine is a new aperiodical and digital magazine born to support Impetus and other rules published by Dadi&Piombo.

Issue 1 is scheduled by March 12 and will be available through Wargames Vault at 2.99 USD.


  1. Will it be available from Caliver in the UK?

    That reminds me Leronzo, I owe you an article on painting armour- luckily i'm painting up a couple of Perry HYW standard bearers so I'll keep painting pics as I go along.


    1. Hi Darrel, it will be available only through wargames vault and asa pdf. Articles always welcome!

  2. Oh goody . . . and I am so glad that it will be available digitally.

    While I would prefer a paper copy, most postal rates are ruinous for those of us living in Canada.