Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Champions

Here the 2012 champions... the men to beat in 2013!

Dax Robertson
IWL Winner and British Champion
Favorite army: Han Chinese
Dax is preparing a surprise to all Impetus gamers interested in competitions. Keep tuned!

Massimo Torriani
Italian Champion (15mm category)
Favorite army: Scots, Indian and Hellenistic armies in general
Massimo is also the author of Operation Squad WW2 game

Thomas Franzoni
Italian Champion (28mm category)
Favorite army: Alexander the Great

Jeff Gilbon
French Champion
Favorite armies: 2nd Punic War Carthaginians and Antigonus Monophtalmus

Thomas Mixa
German Champion
Favorite army: Later Macedonian

Luca Pellattiero
Eurocup winner
Favorite armies: Goths and 100YW French